Party in Arrasate – Mondragon -1


There was a party on Friday in the town of Mondragon. People dressed in black and gathered in the town center to celebrate a local festa.


There were several big statues. People hid in them to drive around.



Even the rain could not stop the passion to have the party.


A lot of kids also dressed up to attend the event.


This place was under a huge tent. Many people stayed inside to dance, talk, smoke and drink. My another post is a short video I took in the tent. Hola, Chicas Y Chicos, Yo soy Chico Chino. ( Jaja. maybe an almost uncle ). I wish my Spanish could be fluent immediately so that I could communicate with people and make more local friends in Spain. People are very welcoming and warmhearted here.


The party lasted until very late. The people and the culture here definitely belong to my favorite ones.

Thanks for reading,

Lin Cao

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