This post is shocking and disturbing. Please think twice before reading


This post is about a type of extraordinary food in Spain. It is a little shocking and needs some bravery to try. I ate the food and found it is very delicious : The Cuttlefish and Squid ink.


People here can buy cuttlefish in local bazaar or supermarket. There are also canned ones. The Spanish name is “Calamares”.  The dark one has squid ink in it and another one has tomato sauce. Some research showed that squid ink can help fight cancer.



Above picture is from internet. It is the famous food of spanish squid ink rice recipe. ( or Arròs negre in Spanish). I did not try that yet but definitely will in later days. However, I made myself squid ink spaghetti with the tomato cuttlefish and reserved vegetable. It tastes like the ocean : )  Wonderful !


The university also gave all international students a welcome meeting on the last Thursday. I was busy at meeting new people and enjoying the Jamon, tortilla de patatas, wine and cider but forgot the camera, so no picture for the event. Sorry about that. The following picture is about tortilla de patatas, another my favorite food in Spain. it is made majorly of potato and egg.


Hope that you enjoyed reading my article. Thanks.

Lin Cao

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