The food in Basque Country in Spain

The food in Spain really surprised me. There are lots of special and tasty food here including seafood, bacon, cheese, ham, sausages, etc. I can’t help trying them all and eating more.

People here usually go shopping at Eroski city, a popular supermarket in Spain. There is one hidden near my place.


Generally speaking, the vegetable, fruit, milk are a little cheaper than those in Canada but the meat is far more expensive.


I always see people walking on the street with such loaves in their bags. The price tag says the longer ones are “BARRA”, the shorter ones are “PANECILLOS” and the small ones on the top are “PICO”, “COLIN”….. I tried the “BARRA” and it is hard and crispy.


The wine here is sold in the supermarket and very cheap. The cheapest one is about 0.99 EUR per litre. And the price includes the tax. I hope I will not become a drunk uncle :-D. Of course, there are expensive brands. Image

The cheese is on sale.


Vinagre de vino tinto (Vinegar of Wine).


Hams in Spain


The seafood here is awesome. I will write another blog later to show more amazing details.


Pâté – meat paste. there are many types of flavour. Very delicious.


The famous JAMON SERRANO / JAMON IBERICO. The taste is very special – salty, smoky, and something I don’t know how to describe in language. It is a very complex and intense flavour.

The seafood, Pâté and Jamon are famous typical Spanish food. they do worth more words to describe in later blog posts.

Thanks for reading,

Lin Cao

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