Trip to Lake Constance.


Sadina and me. A lady come from Russia. I like the green tower stand behind us.


Mandy and me. A lady from Belgium. We took a picture here, because we want to remember we were in this place ever.


It’s not easy to climb up to Munsterturm Konstanz, but we did it. It’s so beautiful, and we got lots of fun up there.


A classmate come from Spain. He is really nice. For many times, he would talk to me in Spanish, and then expain it in English.

We took this picture on the street in Konstanz.


Took this picture in the church.


We were waiting for a friend and took this picture for fun.


After our friend come back, we took this picture.


Mandy, Kata, Vivi, and me.

We took the ferry to Meersburg. We thought we were sitting in front of the boat, but it was the back of the boat.

I like Germany. I like all the people I met at here, they are so funny.

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