The town of Arrasate-Mondragón (Spain)

The university I stay is located in Arrasate or Mondragón, a town and municipality in Gipuzkoa Province, Basque Country, Spain. Image

The town has the world’s largest worker cooperative corporation — Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (MCC). Local people said: “In Mondragón, I saw no signs of poverty. I saw no signs of extreme wealth,” “I saw people looking out for each other…..It’s a caring form of capitalism.” I do feel that people here are friendly and welcoming. And they are curious about me because there are not many Asian here. : )
The place does not have many town houses like Canada or US. It has lots of high-rise residence buildings and the first floor of the buildings is usually for business purpose.
 The town center was built around a church. The buildings there probably have some history.
I also found some public place for kids to do exercise and play.
The trash management looks also different from that in Canada. (The green one is for chemicals; the blue is for paper and the yellow is for bottles)
The town lies in a valley. People there go hiking in the mountains very often.
Thanks for reading,
Lin Cao

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