My trip to Spain

I started my exciting journey to Spain on Sept 5. I will stay in the country for six months to learn business courses and Spanish. I hope to understand the economy and culture of Spain as well as other European countries, which will enrich my global business knowledge and improve cross-cultural communication skills. The experience definitely will make me closer to be a global citizen.

My itinerary was Beijing – Zurich -Palma de Mallorca-Bilbao. The flight from Beijing to Zurich left the airport on 1:50 AM. And the total travel time was about 20 hours.


The Zurich airport is pretty big. I had to wait there for about five hours to take another flight to Palma de Mallorca. I went through the security check and the custom and got one entry stamp (no more at other airports). During the waiting time, I went outside of the airport to walk around in the shopping area and found some interesting things.


The train to port A/B using the sound of animals as background music. Sounds funny : ) Image

Some special local food.


The second stop is Palma de Mallorca in Spain. The place is an island with nice beaches.


Some interesting things found in the airport-strange wall decorations and McDonald green.


The last stop is Bilbal. And then take a bus to the university of Mondragon.

Travel tips: I did not find any open free Wifi at Beijing and above European airports. People may have to use a local phone number (or Passport) to get a code to use the free Wifi for a limited time,which is not very convenient.

Thanks for reading my post,

-Lin Cao

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