Hiking Trail

Hiking Trail

The view of Reutlingen, Germany

This is how I started off my trip, by going hiking to the highest point of the city. Today is Sunday, Sundays are days for family to spend quality time together and most shops were closed so my friends and I decided to go hiking. We had no idea where the Castle was but we saw the mountains from miles away and just followed our guts and we made it. This is one of the few Castles they have here in Reutlingen, Germany so stay in touch for future hiking excursions.

The first few days here were hard but I made some friends and I am adjusting to the 6 hour difference (we are 6 hours ahead of Toronto). I arrived on Friday and both Friday and Saturday we stayed up till 5:30am Germany time because of the time difference (5:30am here is 11:30pm in Toronto).

This is one of the many more excursions!!

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