Week first In Germany.

Finally, I bought my adaptor today. It was few tough days: My computer, my phone, my touch, they were all dead. 


Live in Germany is kinda funny. lots funny happened at here, they made my days.


The first day I got in school, It was kinda bored. I was the only Chinese at the whole campus I guess. Most of the people arounded me speak different languages, I can’t tell what languages they were speaking.


I think Germany is a very good place to study. They have lots benefits for student. I got a student semester pass, they only sell it for 67 euro, that’s really cheap, honestly.

My university is good. When I was in Canada, food on campus won’t be cheap, because they are doing business on students. But the funny thing in Germany, they were trying to keep students’ cost lower. For Reutlingen University, if you don’t have a student ID, you need to pay more than double of the price than who do. If I got a dish on campus, they only sell me 2 euro, If you don’t have a student ID, you will have to pay 6-8 euro for the same thing.

Super market is also funny. I was bought something food from the super market near by my dorm. The other day, I walked into the supermarket beside our campus, that’s so surprised me: The price is lots lower than the one I went to. 


Something funny when I was taking a bus. I met an interesting driver who didn’t speak English. We were so funny, I asked him questions, he answered me with German. We didn’t understand each other. I knows where I wanted to go, because I showed him my destination. He tried to tell me how to get there, but i didn’t understand. Then he was pointing to a seat and said “sit”. hahaha, i can’t stop myself from laughing. That’s also so awkward, because it is a senior chair. 


I had a first class today, we had a really good time. I love my German class at here, and I love my professor. She is amazing, I felt it is a right choice I chose this course instead of travelling.


My classmates are so awesome, they are really nice. Now I kown why I don’t understand what they were talking when they were sitting beside me in the beginning. Most of them come from other countries within europe. Some are Sweden, some are Italian, some are spain, and some are French. One thing surprised me, they all speak English very good.


By the way, I forgot to mention my building manager and his wife, they are awesome. They helped me a lot, at the beginning, I thought they might do the samething to everybody, but when I knew some of the roomates, I found that they are not treating everybody as the same way. I was feeling so good.


One thing made me frustrated. I changed my password in school, then I found I can’t get my right password. I think I had experience now, I will change the keyboard to english instead of German next time.

I like Germany, very much. On the other side, I miss people in Canada very much as well.

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