Have you been to, uh well, let me see… Santiago, Chile?

I have about three weeks in Vina left, and I can’t help but start missing Chile already. Every time I look out at our balcony and see the ocean, or whenever I watch the sunset, I start thinking about how quickly these weeks and months have gone by. Of course, I have missed my family, friends and dog, and a part of me can’t wait to see them, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave yet. There’s still so much to see, many things to discover, and a language to learn. And so Sam and I have been trying to squeeze all of these in the next three weeks that we’ll be here.

Since a stay in Chile wouldn’t be complete without visiting the capital, we visited and stayed in Santiago for a weekend. We stayed at the W Hotel at Las Condes – which apparently had been labelled as ‘Sanhattan‘ – a combination of ‘Santiago’ + ‘Manhattan.’

Santiago, of course, is very different from Vina. Instead of the beaches and boardwalk, you’d find modern skyscrapers combined with older and classical architecture, with the imposing view of the Andes mountain. Sam and I visited as much as we can, including Cerro San Cristobal and Cerro Santa Lucia.


the dichotomy of old and new architecture


it, unfortunately, was a smoggy day, but you can still see a little bit of the Andes and the city at Cerro San Cristobal


Sam and I on the funicular, on the way to Cerro San Cristobal


Cultural exploration at Museo Historico Nacional


Excuse the alien eyes. Here’s a picture at Cerro Santa Lucia.


A beautiful park on top of the hill, at Cerro Santa Lucia


At La Chascona, Pablo Neruda’s house in Santiago


The statue of the Virgin Mary, at Cerro San Cristobal


…and a beautiful sunset in Santiago.

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