My Castle

Its so sad that our journey here in Lorgono La Rioja Spain is over. The highlights of my Global experience is the people I met the places I went to including San Sebastian, with the most beautiful beach, and Barcelona one city you need about a week to see and take in its one of a kind architectural beauty. However the part that I will miss the most is the family that formed almost instantly after arrival with my peers form Centennial, people I barely knew before arrival. They have become my Espanol Family and I love them.

My favorite place I visited while in La Rioja was an old castle on a hill far, far away. The first time I saw this castle our school took us on a trip to a beautiful winery about 45mins from where we lived. Across form that winery in the distance I saw a majestic castle on a hill that caught my attention. I tried to capture it in photograph but I was too far. Later on a few of us went to see that castle on the hill far away, we went by car because there is no buses going that way. Lucky for us we befriended and angel who lives in the residence with us and has a car. We went to the castle and were amazed at how ancient, and untouched it was with all its burns and scars from its history still on it. The best part was it was not a tourist attraction; even the way to get to it was difficult. So this castle was ours for the day, we were royalty. The history behind it was that it was used in battle as this castle was so high it can see when the enemy was coming to attack the region. This was too boring to me so I imagined that his castle was just burnt by fire breathing dragons that were jealous of its beauty.

Tishanna H.


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