Life in Logrono:

What a Beauty
What a Beauty

The beautiful mountains and a famous river right next to us was the first thing I noticed when we arrived at our residence. A few days later, our Canadian group took a poorly planned hike and decided to venture off into the unknown, where we discovered the Old City with the most charming cathedral called Santa María la Redonda right in the centre.

The Old Town consisted of many little narrow streets that form 8pm-11/12pm, is full of life, chatter, and the sounds of glasses hitting against each other. People are standing outside bars holding glasses of vino (wine), casually socializing with their friends in the most fascinating way. Women are in dresses and heels while men are casually yet tastefully dressed and young children are also nicely dressed and out on the tapas street late at night with their parents. They all start on San Juan street for some savory mushroom or squid tapas, have a glass of vino or a small glass of beer and move on to the next tapas bar and have their specialty tapa. No one is inside the actual bars, instead their outside on the narrow streets standing over tables eating their tapas and drinking while socializing. This is a lifestyle I can get used too, its cheap and by the 4th to 5th  tapas plus wine or beer, your full and nicely buzzed, not to mention you got to socialize with locals or people just passing thought the city in a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

Tishanna H.

San Juan at midnight

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