Excursions: Bodegas


ImageEach row has its own rose bush. They are planted because roses and grape vines are susceptible to the same plant diseases. The roses are more delicate and are the first to be affected by the fungus. If the fungus sets on the grapes, it will hinder the growth of the fruit causing the fruits to split and rot.


Making wine Barrels

wine tour 143








wine tour 142

These are some of the tools used in the barrel making process.







At this point, after the blanks are joined and the barrel is toasted. The toasting process allows the barrel components to adjust. The sugars will caramelize and the tannins (polyphenol found in bark and wood) to break down. Toasting will extract the flavor components from the wood and they will be introduced to into the wine.





wine tour 122


When countries order wines from certain bodegas. They have the option of using barrels that add aroma and flavor to the wine. The phenols in the barrel come in contact with the wine into the mix and its components.Then the cork used can also introduce new phenols which may have further impact on the taste, smell and richness of the wine. This combination produces vanilla, coffee, mocha flavors.

Bodegas Faustino










Each restaurant has its own specific package.



Krystol Jones

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