My Favorite Meeting Places


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On evenings when the sticky, stifling heat cools down, life suddenly bursts forth from its siesta-hour cocoon.  Spaniards, newly released from the captivity of their offices and schools spill out on to the cobble-stoned sidewalk for delicious Spanish tapas and wines. Behind the tapas bar Spaniards sip wines and gobble tapas while taking the time to say ‘hola’


On the weekends, the sight is completely different. On the playas (beaches) young senoritas decked in their skinny bikinis parade for the curious tourists while soaking up the salty air and scorching sun. Oh how I love the playas!  Hidden behind dark sunglasses, I secretly enjoy the sights and the sun while being caressed by the warm ocean breezes.  Hmmm!

Me gusta España!!


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