Lengua de Espanol (Spanish Language)

Along with getting to know the Spanish IMG_1307culture, the program consists of learning the Spanish language. Learning some Spanish prior to my arrival has assisted  me during classes. There are two more days remaining in this course, and I have learned a lot of new vocabulary and rules in the Spanish language that I did not know previously. Also, I have been practicing verbal communication with native speakers in order to reach one of my set goals.

Moreover, within the first four days of arriving in Spain, I began taking my notebook and pen almost everywhere I went in order to write new phrases and words I encountered.

As a result of my persistance and determination (via observations, signs and chalkboardcommunication), I was able to add words/phrases to my vocabulary; words/phrases such as “madre mia” (mama mia!), “que mono!” (how cute!), “digame” (tell me), “se llama una tarjeta” (it’s called a card), “verano” (summer). These are just a few of the words I learned while in public places.

Photo courtesy of: Eastern.Edu

Escribire otra vez pronto! 🙂 [I will write again soon]
-Brittany D.

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