A Parisian Summer

Hot and beautiful are probably the two best descriptors of the summer so far in Paris. I have found myself spending increasing amounts of my leisure time in parks all over the city with fellow co-workers from the IIEP. Luckily, the IIEP employs a small army of students every summer to assist with research, databases and in my case, internal projects. Students from all over the globe come in to assist with this work, and it has been a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. We have formed a great little group who celebrate events together such as, Canada Day, Le Fete du St. Jean Baptiste, Bastille Day and for our sole American friend, Independence Day.

Found a little piece of home in Paris for Canada Day!
A big turn-out for Quebec’s Saint Jean Baptiste Day!
The Eiffel Tower lit up for Bastille Day!

Last weekend I was also lucky enough to travel to Munich in order to visit my cousins completing their own internship in southern Germany. We spent quite a bit of time traveling across Bavaria, venturing up every mountain we could for the spectacular views.

Talk about a view…From the summit of Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze.
Stuck in the clouds with my two cousins. Behind us, the 300 meter rock climb to the very peak of the Zugspitze.

Apart from all the fun and travel, there has been quite a bit of work as the ETICO Website Project has transitioned from the initiation phase, and into the planning and execution phase. My days are filled with project team meetings, tasking and problem solving. However, I am glad for the hands on experience and cannot be more grateful to be working with such a fantastic international organization.

Until next time!


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