Seoul south korea 2 weeks in

After a 14 hour flight from Toronto we finally landed in South Korea. Got picked up by the school bus and headed to the university. (kookmin university). A week later I am thinking Toronto has nothing on South Korea.

From the public transit, to club district, mobile phone services, to the university I am staying for this international summer program. The experience’s I have had so far in my first week has just been amazing. Came with an open mind and no expectations and just after the first week have been made a definite fan of the country and  the beautiful city of Seoul. I have paid a visit to two palaces of former kings of south Korea and taken a tour of a 100 aceor secret garden on the compound of one of the palaces. Visited the downtown core and club district where we spent about 6 hours in a hip hop club. while leaving the club at 5:15 am people were still coming in and buying drinks. Yesterday went to an amusement park and went on a roller-coaster for the first time since I was 14 years old. still hate them but figured im half way around the world might as well. just glad I didn’t eat before I went on it.

Campus life is cool. crazy amounts of stairs to and from class or anywhere on campus or the city due to it being mostly on mountains. Campus it self is crazy nice. state of the art, well kept and decorated with artwork from students in the compound. only one issue I can think of is the midnight curfew to all students staying on campus. because the doors are opened with a magnetic key at midnight the keys are deactivated and there is no way into the buildings. because of this there is not much to do at all during the week due the fair of being locked out of the building. yet another reason why when we head out on the weekends we don’t return till the morning. the classes are very interesting. learning the Korean language and culture so far. I was lost on the second day with the alphabet. unlike the English language we are not learning letters but instead their language is based on sounds. so very difficult to get a handle on how to read and understand the basic concepts. for an example. B does not exsist. to make the sound ba. the closest this is pa or ph…….. yea bet you lost to right about now. lol. Big plans for next week. going to spend an night a buddhImagest monk temple and the Samsung factory. keep you posted on the weekly adventures.

will be posting many pictures in the coming days.

B out!

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