The Church of Saint Bartholomew

Depiction of the Offering of Gifts

Church (2)

Pilgrims Path

Route of the Camino Frances (The French Route)


My expectations of Spain and more so La Rioja were great architecture, fine wines and the tastiest cuisine.  Catholicism, magnificent churches and friendly people were also high on my list.  Were my expectations met?  Absolutely!

During our visit to Logrono, the capital city of La Rioja, we saw the actual route to Santiago de Compostela. The route was marked by tiles painted with yellow arrows pointing towards the direction for the pilgrims on the way to their destination. Along the way we saw the Santa Maria de Palacio church whose Gothic spires control the city’s skyline.  Along the tour we were fortunate to see what was left of the eroding sand stone of the Church of Saint Bartholomew, the oldest church in the municipality.

Because La Rioja is such a small city, the people are not as busy as those of the larger cities like Madrid, and so they take the time to say ‘hola’.  We received the greatest hospitality from the staff of the University of La Rioja.

Students visiting this beautiful city of La Rioja, not only from Centennial College, can expand their knowledge on ancient history, architecture or even become a Wine Connoisseur or a Sommelier

Overall, Logrono’s rich soil allows for the growth of grapes, and vegetables like asparagus and artichoke. Together with a combination of the finest red wine and healthy vegetables, visitors like us can enjoy fine a fine cuisine of traditional dishes like Tapas and Paella.


More to come from Zalina.

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