Hola!! de Logroño, Spain.

Way to santiago arrowWay to Santiago arrow

Santiago was the end of the pilgrimage for Saint James. Saint James was an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Both arrows point the pilgrimages on their was during their trek.

On Wednesdays, we have excursions within the region. The Pilgrimage to Santiago is a spiritual journey. The people of Logroño are accustomed to having pilgrims travel through the capital city of La Rioja. The path runs directly through the “Tapas”  block. This block consists of 50 bars serving Spanish fast food. A group of us went with our professor and sampled the tasty bite-sized dishes.


Alongside the meal, you may order vino(wine), Cerveza (beer) or Musto (Fresh grape juice that has not begun fermentation). While dining at a Tapas bar, it is unusual to sit, and if you do it is on bar stools. To have your fill, you may order multiple times, due to the portions, or u may visit multiple bars. The prices are perfect.

Spain has so many places to visit. One of the favourite places in San Sebastián. It is a beautiful stretch of beach located Basque Autonomous Community, Spain.

San Sebastian

There is a train available walking distance from the beach. This train travels to France for 2, 90 €. the train ride is less than an hour.


Hasta la vista!!!

– Krystol Jones

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