Wine Tour

photo 5

It has been such an amazing two weeks for me, so far this experience has been breathtaking! I love everything about Spanish culture! A regular day for me consists of the following: wake up and go to school for our four hours of Spanish class, then we go home for a little siesta (nap time- everyone’s favourite time of day), all the stores and cafes are closed during this time anyway so what else is there to do? Plus the weather is 35+ every day between 2-9pm, the sun doesn’t completely set until about 11pm, which is amazing but also confuses my body about bedtime, the siesta doesn’t help the matter much either I guess. After siesta time we go out for an adventure either for a walk near the river in the back of our residence, which is beautiful or for a little snack of tapas- which is kind of like little appetizers, my favourite is “Champions” which is a mushroom skewer with olive oil on top- delicious. I also love to meet the people from Logrono, not many people here speak English, maybe since there aren’t as many tourists around, but it works great for me because I am forced to speak the Spanish that I do know and learn more to communicate! I am obsessed with Spain, at first, I was so worried about the length of the trip, 32 days seemed like an eternity, but if given the choice now to stay until the end of summer, I would in a heartbeat.
The lifestyle here is so different than ours in North America, an example:
When I was talking to my teacher about saying goodnight at 9pm, he asked me “goodnight, or good evening” I said night, he asked “what time do you have dinner in Canada” I told him around 6pm, he was a little taken back and said that in Spain they have dinner around 10pm, which just goes to show what their days are like, they work just enough to make their lives work. They aren’t too busy making a living that they forget to make a life, the way that I think we do sometimes in Canada.
My new favourite song: “Comiando por la Vida” which means walking through life, the song goes to say walk through life, not rushed but never pause either. Love it!
Here’s a picture of Maddie and myself at the wine tour we attended last Wednesday, lots of wine here in Logrono!

– Sara Kazerouni

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