Encierro de Toros – Corrids de Toros

Encierro de Toros - Corrids de Toros

Seeing different videos about the Fiesta de San Fermin gives it ZERO justice. It was unlike anything I have ever done nor experienced. As dia uno of the ocho dias fiesta began, the streets were filled with an insane amount of people ready and excited to have a good time. While standing at the City’s centre, a loud noise was heard and suddenly, I, alongside the entire population of Pamplona raised our red bandanas in the air and then simultaneously wrapped them around around our necks. As I proceeded to walk towards a heavily populated area, I soon was attacked – no, not with weapons or fists, but instead with Sangria, an amazing Spanish drink for those who don’t know. The culprit, a New Yorker who I had befriended at the university. The rules are simple, walk the streets and drench whoever you see. Top to bottom soaked in vino only added to my excitement. Now you may be asking yourself how it’s possible to walk all day under the sun drenched in wine, well, those 30-some-odd hours would have been difficult, if it were not for random balcony viewers pouring down buckets of cold water to help refresh and “clean” ourselves. As the fiesta continued, it was now time to start dancing and continue drinking sangria (2pm). This continued all the way until sunrise. Does the party ever end? Does the music and Sangria ever stop? Sure it does, but not until July 14. So until the 14th, citizens of Pamplona, and tourists, will be able to do whatever they want to enjoy their time. They will eat, drink, sing, dance…they just won’t sleep. But sleeping is overrated anyways right? The longer you sleep, the less time you have to enjoy the day and your life. As 8am arrived on July 7th, so did the bulls. Witnessing the run first hand was a memorable moment. A seven year dream finally a reality. Every ounce of my body begged me to run, but alas, the sound of my mother’s voice begging me not to partake, would not salir de mi cabeza. A great weekend, an amazing festival, and one fantastic tradition! Can’t wait to see what the next weeks have to offer. Viva Pamplona, Viva San Fermin, and Viva España!!!

– Khajak Awakian

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