Arriving at Madrid Airport


The Real Journey begins…SPAIN!!!!!!

My motivation and goals for this trip include:

  • Academically: To improve my knowledge in español. I believe that this experience will be beneficial in my professional as well as my personal life.
  • Personally: The opportunities are endless when it comes to networking in a foreign country. I hope to meet new interesting individuals and learn more about the country and region that I will be living in.

My expectations:

  • I have always heard that Spain has beautiful architecture, landscape and cuisine. I am looking forward to interacting with the locals and learning from them.
  • I am hoping to try new dishes, hear new music and enjoy the scenery.
  • I am looking forward to learning about the culture(s) of Spain.

My Fears/Anxieties/Emotions:

  • I am nervous about venturing into the unknown. A new language, a new system, a new way of thinking. The journey ahead seemed bittersweet because I was leaving my family to experience something new.
  • I am excited about learning a new language and meeting new people.

Arriving at Madrid Airport

-Krystol Jones

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