My First Week In Seoul

Seoul a place of culture, technology and above all, food! The moment I arrived in Seoul it was mind-boggling that such a country use to be the 12th poorest countries in the world, and then it became something more.  When I left Air Pearson International Airport, I was so excited to go to South Korea, I heard so much about them there rich culture, their heritage, their food and their music.


When I arrived at Incheon Airport, I looked at one of the South Korean artifacts. it goes to show that South Korea has such a rich heritage. When we arrived, we met a few other fellow classmates from Malaysia. They were such a delight and are happy to come along with us for the rest of the month.


While me and company where waiting, we were greeted by our own bus from the university, we got on and travelled to the university which was an hour away. By the time I reached there we have paired up girls with girls, boys with boys, we got to our rooms and it was small but cozy at the same time.


After that a few days we started our classes, we went to a folk house. I was awed by its design, it’s significance. It was astounding to be there. It made me feel like I was actually there during those times. Our class sat in one of them and we drank tea together, it was peaceful, tranquil and serene. It helps clear your mind of all distractions and to focus on the task at hand, the tea was called “Korean Green Tea” It’s taste was similar to green tea but has a slight punch to it, we finished the tea and head back to our dorms.



We explored the Changdeokgung Palace, with our class and it was huge, there was so much to see. A lot of rooms and home to one of South Koreans oldest trees, which is around seven hundred years old.


The language itself is hard enough, saying “hello” and “thank you” is right now the only thing I can say to get me by. Learning the language itself is hard, to remember all the consonants and vowels, they sound obscure all the while learned how to read them is different. Most of my classmates struggled. We need practice and learning how to read and write Korean is the best way to do so. I have so much to tell everyone, I have such high expectations here, hoping to see Yoido Gospel church, see the Han river, learning how to speak Korean. It’s my dream come true.

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