Weather in Beijing

Beijing is on the northern hemisphere, so it’s winter here now as well. But compared to Toronto, winter here in Beijingis not that cold. Temperatures now is usually between -10 to 0. I’m used to the cold in Toronto, so I don’t feel that cold here, but I usually wear atoque to protest against the wind. It’s warm at work, in malls, on buses andsubways, so all you need is a warm jacket outside and comfortable shirt or sweater inside.

The air condition in Beijing has not been so good since I arrived. It was always foggy and not much scenery could be seen from my office on the 23rdfloor because of the fog. When there was snow or wind, the sky was cleared up, but a few days later, it turned foggy again. For seven years I lived in Beijing, I hadn’t seen so many foggy days and I can’t explain why the air condition is so bad this year, maybe air pollutionis getting worse and worse.

I had a cold last week because of the temperature change of the office and outside and luckily, it’s getting better now. I guess my body has to take some time to build up my immune system here.

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