Travel in Beijing

Travelling in Beijing is much cheaper compared to that in Toronto. Besides private cars, one can choose to take bus,subway and taxi. In Beijing, we use this IC card to pay transportation fees. You can swipe the card on those card readers when getting on and off the bus, atthe entrance and exit of subway stations and in the taxi as well. Fees fortaking the bus usually start at 0.4 yuan (1 canadian dollar=6.2 yuan approximately). For most bus lines, the rate is 0.4 yuan from the first stop tothe last, some lines will charge 0.4 yuan more for every 10 stops. Subway rate is 2 yuan for the whole ride, no matter which line you take. For taxis, the rate starts at 10 yuan for the first 3 kilometers and 2 yuan for every extra kilometer, plus you have to pay 2 yuan gas charge in total.

Public transportation system is very well developed in Beijing, there are 14 subway lines and hundreds of bus lines, so you can go almost everywhere taking buses or the subway. However, always check the map to see where the bus stops are because for some bus stops, they locatein different places even though they are with the same name.

Try to avoid travelling during peak hours,buses and subway could be really crowded and the ground traffic could be extremely slow.

Another thing to mention is that when crossing the street, follow the traffic lights, and always watch around to check whether there are cars passing by. In the first few days when I got toBeijing, I even felt scared to go across the street and once spent five minutes wait aside until all cars passed by.

If you want to drive in Beijing, you haveto be an expert besides having a valid driver’s license. Cars, buses and taxis are moving so close to each other that I always hold my breath even riding buses and taxis. I think I’ll never try to drive in Beijing.
This is a subway station of Line 5:

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