China International Education Exhibition Tour 2013

Spring is the season to get everythingstarted, the same applies to colleges and universities. The international education exhibition for this year started on March 16th in Beijing.Hundreds of schools from different countries gathered at the Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing during the weekend, and Centennial College was there among those schools.

Our booth was in a corner of an interaction which was a very good spot for two-way traffic. We set up our booth one day in advance, and it was a wise choice because as soon as we arrived there on Saturday, they were people gathered around our booth and asked questions about our college.

This year, we are working with Fleming College since they just opened their doors for international students. Although it’s the first year for Fleming to have Chinese students, there were students doing their research online and inquiring for particular programs about Fleming. Wish it a good start for Fleming in China.

图片   图片   图片

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