Mi Trabajo


During my time here in Panama City I have been given the wonderful opportunity to work as a Child and Youth Worker in a foundation called Fundader. This foundation is located just outside of down town Panama in a city called Arraijan. This foundation is founded by a woman named Marilyn Vallarino-Selhorn, she opened this center in hope to better the lifestyles of the mothers and children within the high risk neighbourhood of Arraijan. It has been great working with the children everyday and working alongside great coworkers. I have learned a lot from everyone here as they have from us as well. Since being here I have learned a valuable lesson about life, communication is a key factor when working with others, yet language is definitely a barrier ….but if you want to communicate with others you sure find a way of doing it! It is going to be difficult leaving this work place. I feel that this experience has been different the any other placements or coop’s that I have done. The reason being is because while being here it has been a lot of work, communicating with thoses back in Canada and working in a completely new environment it has all together helped build a stronger relationship with everyone involved during this experience. Working with the children has been a challenge as well but it has been a challenge that has helped me grow more as an individual. I am very happy to be able to say that I have got to experience everything that I have during my stay here in Panama. I will for sure miss the children, and saying good bye is going to be hard on both parts. That is why I intend on leaving here as an impact on the children by motivating them and inspiring them as much as I can before I leave this wonderful country. By that I will feel more comfortable with myself knowing that I have dedicated my skills and implemented them effectively as a professional Child and Youth Worker.

Written by - Jessica

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