Denmark -> Germany: Nurburgring


So as you may or may not know I did not go anywhere during the reading week because Europe was in a sort of deep freeze and they raise the prices during this time is it was also quite expensive to go out, but this past week I did go to Cologne, Germany. Why Cologne you ask? Well, my ultimate destination was the Nurburgring, the Nurburgring is a ring round located in the Eiffel region in Germany and is the most thrilling race track in the world, it is a mecca for Automotive Enthusiasts and the world standard for automotive cars.

ImageThe first step was to take the City Night Line from Odense -> Cologne.

After a little mishap, my friend George who was accompanying me woke me up when we arrived at the train station but as I packed up my bag as I took some of the belongings out, the train started to move. George jumped out of the moving train but the conductor air locked the door so I couldn’t, so I accidentally went to Dusseldorf and had to take the train back. After finding George, we cologne before picking up our rental car.


Here is Cologne Dom, a monolithic building had detailed in every crevice. Really amazing this was made in the 18th Century and they had to redo the windows because they were blown our due to WWII.


The river Rhine had a strong current on the day we were there and it divided Cologne into North and South partitions.


I also visited a Chocolate Museum….and yes the chocolate there was very tasty.


Also, the hot chocolate was amazing, I think myself as a sort of Hot Cocoa connoisseur and this is by far the best I have tasted.

After a little, we picked up our car to take us to the ‘Ring.


Legally doing 182km/h the whole way there, got to love the autobahn.


So the first day I was there, I was trying to get acquainted with the atmosphere and what an atmosphere it was. Imagine going outside and hearing your favourite songs playing from very loudspeakers, this is what it was like for me except for me it was very loud engines and exhausts…and you could literally hear it everywhere you went in the town. This racetrack actually spans 3 towns, this is the largest in the world at 20.2 KM.

I also made some British friends who took us out in their vehicles.


Next day we met up with our instructors to see what cars we would be driving, the only problem was our instructor only spoke German so it was kind of hard to understand but actually car talk is a universal languageImage

As you can see I would not be disappointed with what I had to choose from.


Getting into the instructor’s car for some 1 on 1 class.

ImageAs the tires were being changed due to the warmer weather coming in I had a chance to take a picture of the fleet.

ImageI then got into my Porsche 996 GT3 RS Track Car went for a spin, to be honest, I was quite scared to take this car to the limits because even though I bought insurance for it. It would have sucked if I went into a wall or gravel runoff.

ImageHere is a VLN race series car practicing.

All in all, it was an amazing trip and one I would like to take more frequently. This was also one of my life dreams so I am happy I can scratch that one-off.


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