Turku, Finland

Moi! once again from the previously snow covered city of Turku.  The last week or so here in Finland has been surprisingly sunny and warm, which has been nice to be able to go to school wearing just a sweater instead of a huge parka.  Of course the definition of “warm” might be a little different here compared to home, but when the big clock in the city center says zero or +2 degrees, its BBQ weather.  so of course we planned a great barbecue with people from all the different student housing..it was cold and slightly raining (not snowing which was a relief).  But we fired up a couple grills anyway in celebration that all the nurses and ECE students are done their placements, and the rest of us are either done or close to done final exams (i have only one left myself).  As much as i have disliked school since about the age of 7, it will be sad for it to end and come to a close.  The thing i will miss most is being the only native speaker in my classrooms, and having other students and even some of the professors ask me if things are pronounced or spelled correctly.  With the time winding down i am confident in my work and look forward to seeing positive results on my exam scores (although the exams are rather unfair, they usually contain definitions which because im a native speaker..i have been using those words for years whereas my friends from France had no idea what they meant).  Finally, as we get closer to May some people and friends are already leaving to go back home.  Normally i go through the same thing around summer time with Centennial, back in high school and even in elementary, you say goodbye and you will see them again next year in classes.  However this is much harder on your emotions because no matter how many times you say “you should come to Canada” or “Ill come to *insert country* one day”, its simply not going to happen.  You have to choke back tears and watch your friends leave, and you know in the back of your mind you will never see them again.  it sucks.

Michael Tchoryk

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