Turku, Finland

Another large gap between posts and i do apologize, however it is exam time here and just like home it means studying.  Since the last post things have been rather slow here event wise (many of my friends are in St. Petersburg at the moment though).  I was lucky enough to be a part of a two day cruise too and from Stockholm Sweden.  A very beautiful city rich in culture and pride, as well as an astonishing journey through the frozen ice cold Baltic sea.  Standing on the top of the boat with new and close friends as the cold sea air whizzes by is a calming break from the continuous partying to be had both in Turku and on the boat cruise as well (not to say we didnt partake). As i close the last month of my journey to the nordic EU its becoming increasingly evident that i will soon be saying my final good byes to some of the most amazing people i have, and will meet in my entire life.  It truly is a student family here, from all over the world Canada to Australia we are all here for the same reason, but were distracted by the good times and endless memories.  As much as i miss home, i never want to leave and am dreading the goodbyes.

Michael Tchoryk

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