“Life is lost in dreaming, dreaming is lost in becoming”

Dear Readers,

It’s been WAY too long since I have written and I feel terrible…I am truly caught up in living this experience and that has taken away from stopping to document it as much as I wanted or thought I would.

Side note: great job to the other bloggers whose posts inspired me to get back at it! I also loved reading about your experiences!

I am making my motto this week “just do it” instead of overthinking my posts too much.

Here’s a recap of February:

  • Valentine’s day/”El dia del Amor y Amistad” was a riot at school and really made me “feel young again”. You see, I’m an anxious person and I often worry too much about what other people think of me…Well, I decided to embrace this day and be as silly as I wanted. Heck, I even got married…several times! In fake ceremonies, of course, to raise money for our classroom fund for excursions and supplies. Our very own resident “DJ Eligio” played music, my classmates sold sweets and hosted marriage ceremonies, and I danced like crazy and had a blast!  
  • On February 27& 28 Conferencias de Jovenes Emprendedores UT Cancun hosted the 5th annual entrepreneurship conference to help our students see

    and hear first hand their stories of perseverance and triumph from many young entrepreneurs including UTC alumni. There was also an entrepreneurship competition among our students where one idea was selected to be brought into production.

  • Yasmin Campos also gave a marketing conference about how to become a successful entrepreneur. She hosted a Q&A session where I correctly answered and won a copy of her book El MedioCre Ido…un manual para dejar de ser tan pen…sativas. 

 All in all, creative sparks were ignited, connections were made, business ventures began and the belief to keep dreaming was affirmed. What resonated most with me was from the talk “El Club de Los Fracasados” translation: “The Losers Club” where guest speaker Eduardo “Lalo” Sanchez Cetina lesson I took away was…and I can only attempt to translate he said:

Dreaming costs, it takes a dream, a plan, a goal, a time frame, risk, rejection, ridicule, failures and getting back up again time after time to try again and keep dreaming until you succeed.

Until next time,

Follow your dreams until they become your reality.

Written by: Mel

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