Bienvenidos a Panama City!

Welcome to Panama City!

Nothing was better than hearing those words “Welcome to Panama!” while standing at customs in the airport. My journey here was a lot more difficult than I expected it to be, I was lucky enough to be travelling with my roommate which helped the process go faster. First problem we encountered was in Miami during our lay over; by the time my roommate and I were able to find our terminal it looked deserted. We were very confused so we asked an airport employee who was kind enough to inform us that our plane had already left for Panama City about five minutes ago! That’s right we missed our flight! We were directed to speak with our airline, which we did so and then found out that it was the last flight of the night….the verdict was that we ended up sleeping in the Miami airport until the morning. It was definitely an experience to add to the books! And to even top it off the fire alarm went off in the airport around 5am, we could just not win no matter what. We caught our flight and landed in Panama City a day later than expected. The release of stress could have not felt better until…….we started looking for our luggage and it was not there! We then had to speak with an airport employee who looked into it for us. We were than told that our luggage was still in Miami and we would not be able to receive it until the flight landed which was six hours later.

Driving to our place from the airport I was shocked, I looked out the car window and seen nothing but a city surrounded by beautiful big sky scrapers .They sure were right when they said Panama City is the mini Miami! A few days upon our arrival we started our internship which is at Fundader and located on the out skirts in a city called Arraijan. The excitement was a lot to handle and the eagerness to meet my fellow coworkers and students. We were educated about the foundation and introduced to everyone, it was great the people are so friendly and welcoming it’s unbelievable. They made my roommate and I feel very comfortable right away. We discovered that Fundader is a center to help those within the community that live in poverty with chances of opportunity to succeed in a career to help better their futures free of charge. It has been great to be taking part in a foundation such as this one. The experience’s have only been getting better day by day.

Written by: Jessica


One thought on “Bienvenidos a Panama City!

  1. Hi Jess: Reading your experience about your trip brought back all the bad airport experiences I’ve had over the years. I’m glad to hear you Panama experience has made up for the rough trip. Catherine

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