Grundfos – Denmark


So this week was quite relaxed I really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, there was a throat flu and cold that has been going around which I caught and I am free from and I went on a little trip but this weekend I spent on my bed relaxing as the rare sun was out and shining brightly in my room.

The little trip was to Grundfos World headquarters, Grundfos makes pumps and electric motors. Some of the best in the world, they are a market leader in making pumps and they have offices, factories and R&D facilities all around the world. They annual turn over is $4 Billion CAD. So it’s one of the biggest companies I have ever visited. It was a good visit, they showed us around the production facility and we met with two mechanical engineering managers who told us a little more about the future of the company and pumps they were designing in general.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there.


Thank you for reading,

Written by: Hamza

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