I Lærdansk and Kolding – Denmark


This week I started an evening course on Thursdays at Lærdansk-Odense. These are free language courses for students, immigrants and tourists planning to stay longer than 3 months. This is another example of why I am happy that I chose Denmark, their public/social services are comprehensive. Another example is a couple of weeks ago I received my yellow card which is basically sin card but with this sin card, I have access to services like being part of the Danish health system, job finding and other social services.


Pictured above is the Lærdansk-Odense building

Also this weekend I went to a city in Denmark called Kolding with some friends. We saw a Danish castle called Koldinghus and we went to a modern art museum.  It was actually a big group of friends and it was all organized through Facebook which we use a lot over here for all types of events and effective communication, for example, I also use Facebook to communicate with my group members for my project class and university uses Facebook for events and to send out information as well as their regular email service.

Here are a few pictures that we took around the castle and museum, also the castle had a museum in it with very interesting historical artifacts.


The castle doesn’t look very old but it’s been burned down and restored a few times but believe me it’s old.


I really did try to appreciate the modern art I was looking at but I just didn’t get it. There was also video art but that was in Danish and but even then I don’t think I would have got it.

One-piece did make me say wow though, this picture really doesn’t do it justice. If you took a seat and looked at it for longer then 30 seconds then you would think you were there, it looks so real and for some reason made you happy.


Well that’s all for this week.

Hej Hej,

Written by: Hamza

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