Hello again from Turku Finland.  It has been a while since i last blogged because ive had some major projects and an exam this week and i spent the last week (our reading week) in Poland visiting a few cities and most interestingly Auschwitz.  The days are getting longer here and it is no longer dark by 4pm which is really helping with productivity, no more being in bed at 6pm watching movies.  As well the weather is getting slightly better which means more time spent outdoors with friends.  This next week i again wont be able to blog because ill be spending 8 days in Lapland northern Finland where a group of 70 students will be staying in 4 large cabins at a ski resort called Levi.  We also get the chance to go to a husky farm and experience dog sledding, and baby huskies recently bred.  Even snowmobiling and meeting reindeer is all an option before we finally head home, but not before stopping at the Ice Castle (thats right an entire castle made out of ice).  On an academic note the schoolwork really picked up rapidly and i spent many hours doing projects and studying, but after this next week it will fall back down until april when i have a couple more exams.  So until then, Moi Moi.

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