A Shout out to Centennial Students!


I want to urge all Centennial students to take part in the opportunities that Centennial offers with regards to GCELE’s and GEO Adventures – Do you know how lucky we are no other College I am aware of offers students these opportunities – Centennial pays for and organizes these experiences and is also supportive while abroad. Our world is dealing with the growth of globalization and our students will be more prepared to handle this then others – remember to mention when interviewing for jobs our GNED 500 class, no other school has this class or a Global Citizen Passport and that sets us out from the crowd, employers like this.

The GCELE program and GEO Adventures are young programs, so ask a lot of questions when choosing to take part, be sure you apply to programs that are applicable to you and your goals, they are not holidays but real experiences that allow you to grow as an individual and expand your knowledge base – if you want to drink all night and sleep in – Party on in Canada, this may not be for you… For those seeking a real life experience this is for you. I have been lucky to take part in both a GCELE to Peru last March 2012 and am in Ghana currently on a GEO Adventure – these experiences have changed me – I look at the world differently – It is hard to find the words but I feel different too.

The friends I have made are from all corners of the world and will be friends for life, people on these programs are somewhat like minded, so you already have something in common – you where all brave enough to say yes to an opportunity! The group I went to Peru with are really an extension of family now and the friends I have made in Ghana have made my experience, Africa is harsh and I thank god everyday I have my Ghana family, without them I may not have stuck it out, to be honest I had doubts the first couple weeks I could handle it here – but I am so happy I have stuck it out! The things in life that challenge us make us stronger this is very true about this experience I may have learned a lot here but mostly through making mistakes –sometimes those lessons are the most valuable… There is a African proverb I find very appropriate “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”

I wish all my fellow Centennial students all the best and hope you will consider these opportunities…

To check out the current opportunities go to these links




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