Hockey and a short clip

Hej Everyone,

This week I went to a hockey game Odense Bulldogs vs. Esbjerg EsB, it was very interesting to see how people play “European Ice Hockey”. I say that because it’s quite different how we play, maybe this was just how it’s played in Denmark but I found it to be more aggressive and less skillful, in that they were missing simple passes and seemed to skate slower. Also usually the whole line changed as opposed to changing player individuality.


This week I also prepared a little time lapse video of how I get to school on my bike, now I love this exchange program but as you’ll see. Denmark gets very little sun, it’s usually a shade of gray outside. Even though it’s colder in Canada right now, you guys get a full helping on Vitamin D. It may be a little darker in the video but that’s how it is here and I can’t wait for more sunlight hours.

Also the Circus was in town, I didn’t have time to check it out but there was a small display at the city mall so below is a little clip of a performer doing bike tricks.

Thank you for reading,

Written by: Hamza N

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