First few days in Denmark


Well, I’ve been in Denmark for two days now so I thought I would share a little about my first impressions in this country. So I arrived in Copenhagen on Friday around 3 am (Toronto time) and I took a 1.5-hour train ride from there to Odense, the train had large windows which would have allowed me to see much of the country but sadly due to having an overnight flight and not sleeping a wink I had to make up for it on the train.

As soon as I arrived I was met by a buddy’s team member, my buddy is assigned from the university to show me around the city and the university but she is currently away on business so her team member met me, gave me the keys for my apartment and showed me how to get there.

At my apartment, I greeted by my flatmate who helped me take in my luggage and poured hot tea and homemade bread. I believe him to be the nicest guy ever, not only did he do the above when I was finished catching up with my sleep which wasn’t until the morning of the next day he made omelette, later his wife who is also a student at the university made lunch and dinner.

Until today I was cooped up in the comfort of my room because I didn’t have a bike, a bike in Denmark is a Car in Canada. You can’t go anywhere without one, well you can but not far and not within a reasonable time. I found a second-hand bike I wanted to buy and my awesome flatmate took me to the city center where I was to meet the seller.


My “new to me” bike, only 7 previous owners. I shall call her “Little Pippa”

ImageI’ve heard the Danish queen resides here during one of the months in SummerImageLittle street, I love the architecture here, you can have a 200~300-year-old building attached to the brand spanking new one. The contrast is amazing this is a little danish bakery I found at the city center



My awesome flatmate


I also made some friends at a social gathering the other night and one of them hosted an international dinner part in his apartment. We had foods from all over the Europe, Danish, Italian, Greek, German, Romanian and even Libya…being Canadian I didn’t know what dish was uniquely Canadian so I brought a Tuna Salad, to those of you that are saying that I should have brought Poutine, I didn’t want to embarrass our fair nation by showing our fatty food off, I’ll remember to order Maple Syrup next time my mom asks me if I want anything.

Written by: Hamza N.

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