Introduction: Hamza N.

Hello everyone!

My name is Hamza N. and I will be travelling to Odense, Denmark to attend the University of Southern Denmark(, to finish up my Mechanical Engineering Technologist Diploma. I leave in the last week of January and should be back by the first week of July.

I’ve already made contact with a number of people in Odense, especially my roommate (Timur S.) and my buddy from the international office (basically someone who helps me settle in and answers questions that I may have) both of them seem very nice and helpful.

My interests include anything to do about cars and watching a good science fiction movie or TV show. I could talk about, read about and write about cars all day, everyday for the rest of my life but I’ll spare you guys the pain, going to Europe I should see vehicles I wouldn’t normally in North America. For a year now, I’ve owned and operated my own part time detailing business specializing in the technical side of detailing (Paint Correction and Paint Coatings <- It’s a niche thing) but what the really means is sometimes I get to drive and work on cars like this.


From what I’ve been reading I’ve learned most Danish and International students in Denmark do work during the school year, I’ve been in contact with a potential employer who owns a detailing studio in Odense and is looking for some help (I have a type D student permit which permits me work up to 15 hours per week)

So I guess I should start packing, I just want to thank everyone who made this happen Pearl, Yana and Everyone from GEO office.


Written by: Hamza N.

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