Welcome “Akwaaba”


I arrived in Accra, Ghana 5 days ago… Nothing is as I thought but this is good news!

I was unsure who would meet me at the airport and was pleasantly surprised to be meet by 3 people – Waqas, Awo and Ano’s, which are the people I will work with and for while in Ghana. It was a very nice welcome! Welcome in Twi is “Akwaaba” – The major language here is English and Twi.

I was escorted to the house where I am staying for 1 week while I sort out my own accommodations – My housemates are great – There is one Canadian named Waqas and 4 Australians, Rachel, Cassie, Adam and Renee. I was concerned about accommodations but no more – I have hot water, which I did not expect – a comfortable queen size bed – a TV – A/C – a great kitchen and even a washer, which was totally unexpected… I am being spoiled I think as I understand most people here don’t even have running water in there house’s… I am happy to report my house mates have asked me to stay on for the duration of my time in Ghana, which is wonderful and I am thrilled! When you look at accommodation rates online in Canada they put the rates high but once you are here negotiations are common and the price can come down almost half the price you will see online. I am grateful for this surprise!

So far there have been many surprises but they are pleasant surprises!

One exception though is I have not been able to with draw money from the bank machines – This is very frustrating…

Other wise all is well and better then expected!

The friends I have made are all so nice and have been great showing me around – I have now learned how to take public transit – it is called a Tro Tro. It is not like a bus we are used to in Canada but it works fine.

The work I am doing is very interesting too – I am sure I will write more about it in the future but everyday I read the paper and look for issues that pertain to women and children. It is very interesting and a wonderful way to understand the issues that people are most affected by in Ghana.

I will share more soon!


6 thoughts on “Welcome “Akwaaba”

  1. Hello Michelle!
    Glad to read that you are getting comfortable in Ghana and without too much difficulty. You ahve mentioned that it is a little hot there…maybe our Peru group can get together and ship you some snow? I’ll try and organize it. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about your new adventure.

    1. These experiences have changed me – thank you again for choosing me for Peru, thats where it all started – see you soon!

  2. Wonderful story Michelle, I loved reading it and I hope you keep us updated. It is always a gain to be part of a new experience. Wish you all the best!

    1. I am not as well spoken as you Armel but I am trying – miss you all, we must do a dinner when I get back…

  3. Hello Michelle,
    I am thrilled that you are experiencing yet another culture that comes with a whole new set of adventures. I look forward to hearing more about what you have learned through this amazing opportunity.

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