My Goals for 2013

Hello again!

So here I am retroactively writing my blog because time flies when you’re having fun and it could not be more true now that I have spent just over a week here in Cancun.

I have also been to Playa del Carmen both weekends and Cozumel just today with my father! It’s been a lot to take in but I’ve been mentally blogging and looking forward to a “time out” from all the adventure to publish my thoughts! Now that time has come…

My first week of school was…very different…more on that later but it’s definitely a different system than back home and I feel like I’ll need another week or two to adjust!

Anyway, regarding my topic for today “Goals for 2013”:

Personally, I NEEDED this retreat to save my soul (drama queen much?) but seriously, I need the sun and water…(always) so winter always makes me depressed back home. A change of scenary, beautiful climate, and new culture. I also wanted the time alone to do my “eat, pray, love” pardon the cliche…darn that Julia Roberts. I realized that In order to become truly self reliant and independent you have to challenge yourself and realize all the potential you have within. Being in a different country on my own I will have to fend for myself, make my decisions using my best judgement and go with the flow as well. Though I’ve lived in Europe on my own before it’s completely different here.

Academically this opportunity will allow me to perfect my Spanish as well as formally learn to read and write as I realized in class this week, I know all the material but I am missing the technical terms so it will take some effort on my part to do the work. My classmates have been helpful with my note taking (as some teachers will deduct marks for spelling errors in your notes…yes they check you’re actually taking notes…weird! haha) my classmates and I will exchange English lessons for Spanish writing lessons.

Professionally I do hope to investigate international companies to see if perhaps someone could have an informational interview with me! Ideally, I would like to talk with someone from Coca Cola as the beverage market is huge here, since the water is undrinkable, that’s one share but also with the heat you are constantly drinking something so if you get tired of water, there’s always soft drinks and juices many of which are from Coca Cola and boy are they affordable. I will research other companies that do business with Canada too. My dream job will allow me to travel (preferably somewhere hot), use my languages, and use my socio-cultural skills to enhance the companies business and client relationships.

All in all, with just 9 days in the bag I feel positive about the road ahead and I look forward to navigating it and documenting it along the way!

I will definitely be seeking words of wisdom to keep me inspired and so for tonight,

Everything that happens to us leaves some trace behind; everything contributes imperceptibly to make us what we are.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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