Closing off 2012

Hello Blogosphere!

Sorry for the delay in starting my blog but in the flurry of activities (the Christmas Holidays and New Year’s Eve celebrations) I could not find the time to publish my posts. Luckily, I did document them (plus I have a great memory) so here are my thoughts in the time leading up to my departure.

The Perils of Packing

With a week until I leave I finally started packing. I thought I could manage one suitcase but there’s no way, so I’m praying for one more. In addition, I will have my carry on and a backpack! 4 months is a long time to fit into only 4 pieces of luggage!

As I roll my clothes up (an effective way to use your space) I’m thinking about what awaits me on the other side. Certainly the obvious hot weather, beautiful nature and the ocean. More than that, it’s a fresh start on a personal level in a new place and a new adventure academically, studying in Spanish at UT Cancun (Universidad Technologica)

I am still finding it surreal and I will until the first burst of Mexican air fills my lungs!

As I sift through my summer clothes bins, I’ve also decided I want Cancun to have my real home feel so I’m bringing “non-essentials” like my incense, scented oils to burn and painting supplies. Those scents will comfort me in times of need. Plus I really want to paint my “oeuvre d’art” while I’m in Cancun. (I’ll keep you posted)

I have plans to see most of my friends and family this weekend at my Buen Viaje Fiesta my lovely parents and sister are putting together for me. Another post to come about that.

Well here’s the chaos that is my room for the next few days until I zip up my life to take away into the Mexican Sun!

Adios amigos,


Written by: Mel

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