My experience in Germany



Guten Tag Everyone!!!!!!

Well, well where do I start. First thing I can say is I’m very happy I made the decision to come to Reutlingen Germany. The experience so far as been pretty amazing. I finally started all my classes about 2 weeks ago. I have to admit studying here is a little different from Centennial College but, I like the change. I live on residence which is one of the best places to stay for a student. The place where I am living is called the Aquarium, I live with 5 other girls from all different parts of the world and it’s really nice to meet other people from different countries. I’ve been in Germany for just over a month and experienced some amazing places and festivals. One of the place I’ve been to was Tubingen, it’s about 20mins away on train from Reutlingen. I hiked up one of the castles when I was there and the view of the city was breath taking but, the best thing that I have experienced here was Octoberfest. OMG!!!!!! I have no words for Octoberfest here in Germany.

One thought on “My experience in Germany

  1. Pictures look wicked, you’re getting me excited for my exchange to Reutlingen in January.

    Check your email when you get a chance please 🙂


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