Aimee’s Global Internship Story 2 -Panama


Part 2.

The School Fair

It’s is my first school fair promoting Centennial College in Panama. Before I went to the fair, I was excited because THIS is what I really want to be doing as a career! Lisandro, Heaven, and I went to the fair to promote the College. Around 9:30am, there were already many people at the fair. We watched the performances of many bands for different schools. In order to promote Centennial we handed out pamphlets to lots of people in crowd. We did our best to explain what information we could about Centennial College, but there were very few people interested in Centennial College. I can’t blame them, though; these were parents of 5-8 year old boys and girls! Ultimately, the school fair was not too successful, so I am a little bit disappointed. I hope the next school fair will be more successful.

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