This Past Week in South Africa…

Hi all,

This week started out great at work.  I did some data management with bird conservation data.  I learned some bird names and with the help of a book, what the birds look like.  I wont get to see them in real life unforuntately, but that’s ok with me.  I still get to learn lots of interesting things.

Later in the week I had my first doctor’s visit.  I caught a bug and needed some antibiotics, so I took a trip back to the 60’s.. Or, at least that’s what it felt like.  The clinic had dated furnishings, the secretary had a curly mullet hair style going on, and the doctor reminded me of The Beatles.  I suppose the secretary was more so 80’s…  They were all very professional though, and I got the help I needed.

After some much needed rest, I went to a grocery store today and then for a drive around the coast to a place called Gordon’s Bay.  Every time I get in the car with my housemate to go for a drive, I’m always surprised at how close I am living to such beautiful scenery.  Less than 20 minutes to a few different beaches and towns.  I tried to get some good photos for you!  🙂

Today it was finally hot out too, so I rolled up my pant legs and walked on the sandy beach.  The water felt like ice, but the air was over 25 degrees C.

Tomorrow will be an adventure, because it’s supposed to be great weather and, I want to go to the beach.  My housemate is gone for the week to a conference, so that means no rides for me.   I still have to organize a safe way of getting there and home, but it shouldn’t be too hard, and I am looking forward to doing some exploring on my own.

Miss you Ma, hope you like the photos!  And a great big hello and I miss you to all of my friends back home!

Written by: Stef, in Somerset West, S.A.

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