Aimee’s Internship Story -Panama


Hola! Encantado de conocerle.
Soy Aimee.

I am leaning Spanish in Panama! Most of Panamanians can’t speak English, so I need to learn basic Spanish for day to day life in Panama. There is a lot of work involved but I love learning new languages!

First dayI was really exhausted when I arrived in Panama, because I couldn’t sleep.
-Story 1
I fell down in the Panamanian airport so I hurt my foot and legs. Luckily I had my roommate, Heaven, to help and take care of me. Thanks to Heaven, I am feeling better!
-Story 2
I was falling sleep all the time when Mara, Heaven, and I were talking, and when I was going to apartment in the Lasiandra’s car. I was really tired!
-Story 3
We went out for dinner with Lisandro. Back in Toronto, I had friends from Panama that recommended a Panamanian dish called “Ceviche” so I was excited to try that! It was very interesting!

Second dayI was really feeling lonely, because Wi-Fi in our apartment was not working! So, I couldn’t call with my family and friends. I hope it will be work soon!
We went to a grocery store; the market looked like Metro; clean and neat! We bought some foods and products in the market. It was so exhausting that when we got back home, we just knocked out and fell asleep. Around 6:30pm, we started to cook dinner. The dinner was really nice. Actually, I am not cook so Mara and Heaven taught me how to cook! It was a great chance to learn to cook from my roommates!

Third dayThis was the first day at the office for my internship. The building and office are awesome; there are so many restaurants and malls nearby! I finally used internet for first time in Panama because the internet in our apartment is still not working. So, finally I could call with my family and friends after two days of being here! I don’t know how I endured that time!! I was really happy to be able to keep in contact with my loved ones. I hope the internet in my apartment is going to be work soon! Also, I hope I am going to be a good fit at work, and be able to communicate in Spanish soon! 

Forth dayI have learned some office tasks from Mara. Actually, her Spanish is really good, so she does her job very well. I have to be improving my Spanish in order to work efficiently in the office!
The Spanish language is really very interesting! Some words are exactly same with English, while so many others are different. Also, the pronunciation of Spanish is a little bit similar to French. For example, although “hotel” in English is the same word in Spanish, the English word “coffee” is translated into the Spanish word “café”! I hope to be comfortable listening and speaking Spanish soon!

Fifth day
It is Mara’s last night in Panama. I have received my responsibilities from Mara; she was very helpful at the office. I thanked her for the help! I am so worried about working alone in the office after she leaves. At the same time, I am looking forward to working and living by myself; I believe in me and so far I am doing well! I will do my best here!

Written by:  Aimee

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