A Few Words Before I Leave for Cape Town..

The summer in Toronto is coming to an end, but my adventure is just about to begin..

My bags are packed, I’ve said goodbye to my friends and family, and now I am going to have a nap before heading to the airport for 5am.

I’m Stef, and I recented finished year 3 of the Environmental Protection Technology program at Centennial, and can’t wait to use my education in the work place.  The Global Experience program at the college has given me the chance to use what I have learned in Cape Town, South Africa.

I will get to experience an entirely new culture, meet interesting new people, and have an opportunity to gain experience using GIS (Geographic Information System), a computer program used to create maps of wildlife.  I have always wanted to work in wildlife conservation, but never really knew how to get involved.  Now I have my chance!

By word of mouth and my google searches, I have learned that the scenery in Cape Town is beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxed, and there are plenty of tourist attractions and shopping trips for me to enjoy.  I’m expecting to arrive in Cape Town around noon, so I hope to explore a bit right when I get there.

The things that make me nervous before a trip are the small things.  All in all, I’m not nervous about actually living in Cape Town, working and meeting people.. I’m more concerned about flights going smoothly, having enough cash on hand for whatever comes up, finding my new apartment ok.. Although I’ve been warned about getting mugged, and I didn’t get the Meningitis vaccine (I had about 4 others though)… There are always things I can worry about, but I feel prepared.

That’s it for now! More to come… from Cape Town!!Image

(Thanks Gibson Gervais for this very cute drawing)

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