The Parts of Panama Experience that Mara Will Miss

  • The same weather every single day (low of 25 and high of 33, sunny, with a chance of thunderstorms). You don’t need a weather forecaster. Ever.
  • My gas stove
  • The washer and dryer in my kitchen
  • The A/C in my apartment (don’t have any of that in my apartment in Canada!)
  • My coworkers
  • Saying hi and smiling to strangers, and getting a kind smile and hello in response…in ELEVATORS
  • Cheap local produce (and great quality, too!)
  • My new roomates!
  • Panamanian ice cream (all homemade… they don’t fool around)
  • Panamanian coffee (but I’m bringing a TON of it back with me…well…maybe not a ton…but several pounds, definitely)
  • Two dollar taxis to anywhere (almost)
  • The Diablos Rojos! (Let’s be clear, just looking at them from a distance as art, not actually riding in them…)
  • Ceviche (yes…I’ll miss the raw fish…)
  • The short but intense thunderstorms
  • Being immersed in Spanish  (I’ve made progress!) and speaking Spanish
  • The palm trees
  • City lights and rolling mountains and seaside all in the same view from my kitchen window and balcony
  • The service that I get as a ‘tourist’ (better than the infamous bad service most Panamanians give and get, but still shabby)
  • My new InterNations family in Panama (some of the most interesting people I have ever met!)
  • No mosquitoes any where
  • The overall Panamanian lifestyle- relaxed, not stressed, not frustrated, living life carefree, not worried about anything, friendly, and definitely not timely (I’ve adjusted to it all, almost… everything except for the timeliness thing)
  • The constant culture shock and wonderment that comes with “this kind of experience”
  • Blogging about it all!

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