What will I do with my last 20 days in Ghana? – RITA

So I have been thinking lately, how will I finish my Ghana adventure?  This has been on my mind for a few weeks.  I think for a while I was so homesick that I forgot that time is running out.  I have decided to make the very most of my last 20 days.  Here are some of the things I plan to do:

  • Take sewing lessons from my amazing seamstress
  • Take drum lesson with my newly purchased drum
  • Attend several cultural events this weekend
  • Go out for dinner with a co-worker at a highly recommended pizza place near my work place
  • Use the money I fund raised at Centennial from both staff, students and my family to buy school supplies at the market for needy school children
  • Donate the school supplies to at non-governmental organization –  JayNii Streetwise Foundation, an organization that provides supports to street, orphaned and extremely poor kids in James Town, Accra
  • Go to the beach to complete my tan
  • Have my seamstress finish the clothes I am having made
  • Buy another suitcase to bring home all my African purchases (hoping they will all fit!)
My seamstress, some fabric I purchase and some fabric at the market
Accra wrapped in black & red in mourning over the late president Mills
The GNECC Team
Me in a small shop – tired from a long day of shopping
Some drums at the Cultural Centre


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