Finding Inner Peace at Bongeunsa Temple

I’ve always been fascinated with Buddhism and meditation so I’m delighted that Seoul is full of temples! So today I decided to visit Bongeunsa temple which is located right beside COEX mall. The temple is considered small but I found it to be pretty large.


Most of the buildings within the area look the same but are nonetheless breathtaking. The paintings are detailed and many ornaments decorate the temples. Statues of Buddha can be seen throughout all the buildings.



The temple is very quiet since people are praying or meditating. The atmosphere is peaceful and I felt at ease. Monks are seen walking around maintaining the temple’s cleanliness and sanctity. I didn’t get the opportunity to talk with them but they were nice enough to nod as they walked by. The one thing that struck me was how different the temple was compared to the hustle and bustle of Seoul city life. Seoul also lacks parks so I was glad to find greenery! Otherwise I really enjoyed my experience at Bongeunsa Temple. Next time I might try to do a templestay. A templestay is when you live in the shoes of a monk for one day. It is a big tourist attraction. I will be visiting other temples in the future. Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Finding Inner Peace at Bongeunsa Temple

  1. Thanks for visiting Bongeunsa. There are volunteer guides right inside the main gate. They can help tourist to look around the temple compound.
    They can speak English. It is free to have temple tour only.

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