Rita at Accra Market

First Visit to the Market
Last week I took a day off work to do some much needed shopping that I never get the chance to do.  I headed ‘to town’ as locals call it (aka Accra market) with a local friend that I met at church.  Thank God, she came with me!  I did not realize that there were such HUGE outdoor markets… and we only went to 3 sections of it!  We went to the fabric, electrical and food sections.  I have not shopped like that since I have been in Ghana.  It was actually a blast!  I picked up a whole bag of beautiful fabric for around $17.  I filled my backpack with vegetables that were also very inexpensive.  I also took some of my fabric to a tailor and am having a dress made out of it, costing me around $6.


Fabric History

While I was doing some research at work this week, I read an interesting article about African prints in Ghana. I learned that the original fabric was brought over from the Dutch and that Africans have now made it there own, with all of the elaborate and beautiful prints. At the time in Africa, people wore animal skins instead of cottons.  The article also stated that a man’s wealth can be measured by the type and quality of fabrics/prints his wife wears. I thought that was very interesting!


Second Visit to the Market

I headed to the market in town again on Saturday to pick up my dress and buy some African prints.  Unfortunately, the tailor did a terrible job on my dress and she glued random hearts on it.  Apparently, what people consider fashion here is very different from what we do.  Therefore, I am having her fix it, let us cross our fingers that she does a good job, otherwise I was advised by my coworker to make her pay for the material.  On a happy note, I am trying out another tailor by my house, hoping she does a good job!

A skirt that I hand made


– Rita

2 thoughts on “Rita at Accra Market

  1. I know it has to be annoying but I think the fact that she glued little hearts everywhere on it could be one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard, lol.

    1. Erin, it was so innocent. But I was highly annoyed and it looked terrible. Thankfully, my new seamstress is WICKED. She’s a little bit more expensive, the if it means she won’t glue random things on my clothes and she does a good job, I don’t mind giving her a few extra bucks =)

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